Please join our Chamber by choosing one of the membership levels listed below:
(a) Associate Membership. Annual membership fee is $100.00.
(b) Business Membership. Annual membership fee is $500.00.

Please print the membership application form after clicking the link below, fill it out completely and mail it with your payment to our mailing address listed on the form and in “Contact” page of our website. If you make your payment with a credit card, you can also email your signed application form to





Membership Dues:  Payment of membership dues is due at time of application or at the beginning of your renewal year.  Dues are considered non-refundable if the applicant’s membership application is accepted by our Chamber. 

Event Attendance:  Registration fees to attend events where a meal and/or materials are to be provided will be refunded if cancellation is received 72 hours in advance and during normal business hours.

Sponsorship/Advertising:  The chamber does not offer refunds on any sponsorship or advertising.

Chamber Marketing Info:  No returns will be allowed or refunds on orders for the chamber’s mailing list, either in label, disc or email format once the mailing has been mailed, delivered or picked up by the member or representative ordering the information.

Shipping Policy:

There is no shipping method as the nature of our sales are for services rendered, not tangible products; however, in the rare case of a tangible product sold, the chamber will advise the purchaser in advance of applicable shipping costs.

Privacy Policy:

This chamber respects our Web site visitors’ right to privacy online. We will not sell or rent personal information to other companies for use in selling products or services.  This chamber uses information for general purposes such as fulfilling your requests for publications and providing anonymous reporting for internal and external purposes.

We may communicate with Web site visitors via e-mail or other online delivery devices only if the Web site visitor agrees to receive those communications.

Visitors who believe they are receiving our communications in error or no longer desire to receive them should inform us and we will remove those names from our mailing lists.

Secure Website Confirmation:

The site features a padlock or unbroken key icon. Before giving that credit card number out, check that the site is enabled and encrypted for online safety. Encryption is a data-scrambling technology that keeps crooks from stealing your personal financial information. Look for icons such as a padlock or unbroken key at the top or bottom of your browser as a sign that encryption is used