A group of local Turkish American businesses in South Florida convened to discuss the lack of clear and persuasive voice for rapidly growing number of Turkish-owned businesses in Florida. These leaders recognized the need for an organization to address the concerns and needs of the Turkish American businesses and represent the interests of Turkish American business community. With this in mind, they formed Florida Turkish American Chamber of Commerce (FLTACC).

The Chamber is a private, membership driven, not-for-profit, volunteer business organization consists of business enterprises, civil organizations and educational institutions.

The primary goal of the Chamber is to promote the economic growth and development of Turkish American businesses by providing an organizational forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Secondly, to support the growth and prosperity of our members by attracting new customers to the member businesses through networking opportunities and business referrals. Finally, to improve the economic vitality and the overall quality of life in our Turkish American community.

We believe that, by leveraging the talents and resources of our members, our leaders, volunteers and partners, we can accomplish more collectively than any one business can do individually and improve the economic opportunities for everyone in the Turkish American business.